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With a reputation for providing the highest level of quality work



Trusted Certifications of Minority owned business


Rollingstone Construction offers the highest quality restaurant construction services, through unsurpassed levels of expertise, careful pre-planning, and proactive customer service. Building strong, long-term relationships is our sincere goal and is the cornerstone to our success.

Building Relationships Based on Service, Respect, Trust, and Honesty Since 2007. Customers include:

  • Olive Garden
  • Luby’s
  • Jack in the Box
  • Five Guys
  • Pi-Pizza
  • Chili’s
  • Club Pilates
  • Café Express
  • Brio Tuscan Grill
  • TGIFriday
  • Brenners
  • Funddruckers

The way we do business, we believe, sets us apart from other companies:

  • Moral and ethical character
  •  Excellence in our employee
  •  Quality of our work
  •  Stability of our future service to our clients
  •  An enjoyable working environment


Working for a high volume fast casual restaurant chain requires the support of many different Vendors and Contractors. They need to have the ability to respond at a moment’s notice and to many different situations. Some, as you are all well aware, aren’t capable of that and I had a few of those. But one of my GCs, Rollingstone Construction, was one of those gems that every Facilities Manager wants to have available to them.
Leading the company, April & Alex Garay, were the ones I could always rely on, to be there at a moment’s notice, to handle any crisis or situation with expertise and professionalism. They were ready to give advice and solutions to problems that were in my company’s best interests, not necessarily theirs. 
Their honesty and integrity are without question and I always came away feeling like I got a fair deal from them, whether it was the exacting detail of the work or the cost of it.
Choosing to use Rollingstone Construction, I would say, you can’t go wrong.
Rollingstone Construction is a valued partner for Olive Garden. We require high standards for quality, security and response time. Rollingstone meets those standards and often exceeds them. The team understands our business and the utmost importance of getting projects complete and the restaurant operational each day without impacting the guest experience. This is crucial to our brand and our relationships
Rolling Stone is a Trusted vendor and we will continue to use them


4043 Hollister Houston TX 77080




Phone:  832-831-9614